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Anandvan Pathmeda, the holy and beautiful land of India was selected for grazing and wandering for the gentle, bold, brave, strong and best milk productive Brahm swaroopa cows of the world brought from vrindavan by lord Krishna staying there in the holy month of Bhadrapad while going from kurukshetra to Dwarika, Anandvan is a delicate combination of cow rearing folk culture of marwar, kathia wad and Tharparker as well as a confluence of the holy river the sarswati flowing underground, the sindhu flowing in kachhran and the savitri flowing on the land by which destroyer of sins of many birth lord kirishna, kamdhenu and place of adoration of kalpguru Dattatrey. National great creative campaign has been started from this very place in 1993 to prevent tyranny against the descendants of Kamdheru, Kapila and Surbhi cows which had been treated atrociously for last 12 centuries. Under this great campaign first of all shree Gopal Goverdhan Goshala (cow dwelling) and shree Godham Mahatirth pathmeda have been established and a working committee for cow service has been constituted in which all the representatives of cow devotees have been included (Goseva Ashram) cow service centres, cow protection centers and cow service camps have been established under the direction of shree pathmeda Godham mahatirth in different regions of western Rajasthan and North West Gujrat. Through this campaigh donation for cows has been collected from cow devotees, religious persons and cow rearing farmers and sent it to the cow service centres for nourishing cows. Thus a polite attempt for the nourishment of the dependant cows has been done through receiving donations for these cows form the cow devotees and cow rearing farmers in this way in the first step of this campaign millions of cows have been given protection which were saved from cruel hands of butchers and afflicted in the terrible famine (draught).

The number of cow descendants sheltered in different cow service centers which are established and run by shree pathmeda Godharn mahatirth are as follows from the establishment of shree Godham mahatirth till today for last 20 years, The institution was opened in 1993 with 8 mother cows. In the year 1999 the number of cows was 90000, in 2001 the number of cows increased to 1,76000, in 2002 the number of cows was 2,15000, in 2003 it was 2,84,00, in 2004 it was 1,54000 Due to god rain 130000 cow descendants were distributed to cow rearing farmers. In the year 2005 it was 97000, in 2009 it was 72000 in 2010 the number of cows was 2,00,000, in 2011 it was 1,25,000 helpless and destitute cows were served which is at present in 2012 are 1,22,000. The useful cow descendants are being distributed to the cow rearing persons in thousands of number every year.

The cow descendants which are afflicted with hunger and thirst in draught and become weaker due to malnutrition are given healthy and strong. The cows able to produce milk, the oxen able to work in farm and the bull able to increase cow descendants are given to the cow rearing farmers. The institution has bestowed more than nine laces cows, bulls, and oxen to the thousands of cow rearing farmers of Banaskantha, patan, Jalore, Sirohi, Pali, Jaisalmer, Barmer, jodhpur and hundreds of cow serving societies of the state, Relief comps are opened time to time for the protection and nourishment of lacs of cows in the year of draught and heavyrain in different parts of the state.

The national creative and constructive great cow service campaign started by shree pathmed Godham mahatirth has been divided into nine steps for better result and success which is approved in the light of wisdom by the gentlemen.

Cow protection 2. Cow rearing 3. Cows growth, 4. Collection of panchgavya, 5.Refinement and investment 6. Religious discourse ( sat sang) 7. Sanskar 8. Health 9. Self reliance
( Note – Panchgavials a mixture of five articles yielded by a cow as milk, curd, clarified butter, dung and urine.


Cow protection ( Gosanrakshan )

Millions of cow descendants which are victims of malnutrition, handicapped, sick and released from the cruel claws of butchers are being served by this institution in cow serving Ashrams and in temporary cow serving centers through out Rajasthan and Banas kantha (Gujrat). In addition hundreds of Go shals (Cowpens) and lacs of cow rearers are being given necessary help. Protection, direction and encouragement time to time by the Rajasthan cow protectiong society which was fromed by the inspiration of shree pathmeda Godham Mahatirth.

The most important department of shree pathmeda Godham Mahatirth is Dhanvantry (Veterinary hospital) every cow descendants which are helpless, destitute, Wounded in accident and saved from sending to slaughter house are sent to this department first of all. After given them first aid they are sent to various departments according to their condition and need of their service. Serious cow descendants are admitted in this department and kept there till they are completely cured.

Different departments are classified for different diseases of mother cows. As blindness, uterus, lungs, bones and wounds of cancer etc.

Various diets are provided to the sick cows in a proper measure according to the requirement of the sick cows. The old cow descendants are fed with lapsi (porridge), maize. Methi (black bean), Ajwain ( thyme), Sa, dried. Coconut, Guar and oil. In winter. They are fed with barley (Jav) to keep them cold in summer.

In addition in other institution which are run under the direction and inspiration of reverend swami ji Mahara ji. The cows are served and given treatment according to above mentioned method. At shree Jalaram cow service centre Bhabhar has about more than 5000 cow descendants. This cow cure centre (Go chikitsa seva) has been bestowed first gold medal of the nation. It is run only for service of sick and handicapped cow descendants. Shree Raja ram Goshala, Tetora. Dhanera has more than 4000 cow descendants and a veterinary hospital is run for 500 cow descendants. Small cow hospitals are run in Banaskantha, Patan and Mehsana etc. where more than 1000 sick and afflicted cow descendants are being give benefit of treatment. The from the motivation of shree pathmeda Godham Mahatirth Goseva Samity (cow service society) Gujrat has started first cow treatment help line. Eleven ambulances are in service through this helpline.

In all cow hospitals includirg Dhanvantaray in shree pathmeda Godham. Such an arrangements have been made for the afflicted cow descendants that even a fly could not sit on their wounds and fractures and sick mother cows have not to move and feel more comfortable after they have reached there. Modern instruments and machines are included with the traditional method in the activities of making cows stand, Sit, scratch and change places etc. There are small and large ambulances besides comfortable stretches on tractors which lift the sick and helpless mother cows comfortably with their hydraulic power lift. Ambulances have been send to take the sick, helpless and accident cases of cow descendants in the area of about 100 Kilo metres far from shree Godham Pathmeda. The best combination of traditional native medicines and modern method of treatment can be seen for the treatment of the sick cows.

There is an arrangement of air conditioned treatment as well as latest medical instruments, medicines and doctors in “Dhanvantari” and the facilities of X-Ray machine. Sonography. A laboratory for different tests as well as facility of major operation are available here.

Gopalan (Cow Rearing)

Ten to twelve thousand cow descendants are prepared after nourishing them well in the cow service centres established in different villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat every year. They are served with healthy diet, green grass. Medicines and bath etc and they are looked after affectionately. They are classified after the selection of different races of cows. Shree pathmeda Godham Mahatirth gives away these classified cow calves to the different Cowpens, Cow rearing farmers and cow service centers of the state and country for their growth free of cost on the condition of their lifelong service and protection. The cow rearing farmers of 800 villages are being motivated to make the cow rearing popular in whole country and state.

Cows Growth

In five Goseva Ashrams ( cow service centres) of shree pathmeda Godham Mahatirth. Viz Shree Gopal Goverdhan Goshala, Pathmeda. Shree Manoram Golok Tirth. Nandganva. Shree Mahaveer Hanuman Goshala Ashram. Golaah. Shree Kheteswer Goshala Ahsram as well as in many villages of Jalore, Sirohi and Banaskantha (Gujrat), dozens of cow growing centers ( Go sanvardhan Kendra) have been established where 8000 to 10000 cows are being made Pregrant by the improved Indian native breed of bulls. The act of cow increasing is done. Hundreds of improved breeding of bulls are prepared in shree Pathmeda Godham mahatirth and donated them to different Go shalas ( Cowpens) and cow rearing villages every year. Hundreds of Pair of strong and symmetric bulls are Provided to the Poor farmers on very low price. Worthless bulls are being admitted in different cow service centre in thousands of numbers. In addition more than 500 villages are being provided best node descendant bulls. By which cows are being increased asked in lacs of numbers.


Panchgavya collection. Refinement and investment marketing

In all the cow service centres compost manure is prepared from cow dung and distributed it in a very low rate to the cow rearing farmers. In Anandvan Premise Manure is Prepared from Worms (Kenchua) and lump manure ( Dhagla manure) are Prepared. In the holy direction and inspiration of shree Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth “ Prathvimeda Panchgavya Production Limited” Produces distillation (Ark) from urine of healthy cow calves. Medicines of Panchgavya, The cure of all diseases, are Prepared from the of cow urine, Curd, Dung, Milk and mixture clarified butter of cow milk and distributed it on very low rate. Milk of Indian cows in Purchased on the rate higher than market rate from more than 500 villages and sold it to the cow devotees of the whole country on reasonable rate for religious sacrifice( Yagyan), Worship and religious Performances ( Anusthan). Thousands litre whey ( chachh/ Takra) is distributed to the poor on a very low rate. Pure clarified butter( Ghee) of cow is Provided for religious sacrifice ( Yagyan), Medicine and worship on reasonable rate. Panchgavya distribution centers are run in many towns.


Satsang ( Religious discourse)

On the holy occasion of the Gita Jayanty ( birth anniversary of the Gita) Kamdhenu Kalyan Mahotsav and on the occasion of Gopoastami, preaching holy sermon, (Religions discourse) on greatness of cows and holiness of panchgvy contemplation on truth and as tang, yoga are performed at shree Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth. Through these Programmers a Polite attempt is being made for moral, characteristic and spiritual elevation of Persons, society and nation. The Programmes of religious discourse are Performd at many Places in India time to time by Kamdhenu welfare family. Lacs of people are benefited in it. Sat sang gives birth to a true servant. A sevant Performed service. Humanity is incarnated from the divine land of sat sang. The only human being, who has humanity is useful for the world and omnipotent God. Such is the opinion of experienced gentlemen. So sat sang is peerless. It is only the holy objective of shree pathmeda Godham behind this attempt.

Satsanskar (Sacrament)

A group service of old. Handicapped and weak cow descendants, Religious sacrifice (yagyan) for good rain, Fast, Self-study etc. are performed. Cow calve and cow devotees school and residential schools are run. Camps are organized on vratotsav. Religious books are published and publicity is done. Cow service in conference and meeting defance of living beings, Human benevolent, unpolluted environment and sacrament of elevation of nation are performed.



A Panchgayvya natural yoga Health centre has been established for the treatment of physical mental and intellectual disease in the promise of shree pathmeda Godham Mahatirth where patients are given treatment after complete diagriosis and different tests. In backword areas Panchgavya medicine are distributed to the poor through a mobile dispensary. Thousands of patients have been cured from panchgavya medicines. Many Patients of major diseased have been cured and Every type of patients are treated. All the persons poor or rich can get treatment at our health centre without any hesitation.



Self Reliance (Swavlamban)

Training camps for self employment and self reliance are organized at shree Manoram Goloktirth. Nandganva. The process of making person, family and village, self reliance is taught. After having trained in these camps hundreds of people have started the benevolent act of making families and villages self reliance. After creating employment based on cows, agriculture and vegetation, an experimental trining is given.

Important schemes have been made on several levels to introduce the National creative cow service great campaign first of an Akshay Bhumidan scheme ( Eternal Land donation scheme) has been started to fulfill the great need of grazing ground (pasture) for permanent service of sheltered cow discendants in different cow pens (Goshalas) established by Shree Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth. Under this scheme 1,0,1,000 Rs. has been fixed as a price of one bigha land. Second is cow rearing scheme for nourishing reverend mother cow daily. In this scheme 1100 Rs. has been fixed for grass of one cow per month and 13,200 Rs. for grass of a year.

All the cow devotee religious persons are cordially requested to contribute your self under above mentioned schemes according to your capacity and earn religious merit (Punya) of cow service. Both the schemes are very important for religious and emotional point of view. Specially those cow devotees religious persons who are not able to rear cows and run a cow pen ( Goshalla) themselves. The can get direct benefit of religious merit by performing different ceremonies as birth anniversary, wedding, death anniversary in the premises of cow pens and joining the above mentioned schemes.

Thus these schemes which are run on different levels so that the benevolent objectives of reestablishment of ever fresh folk culture of cow rearing bestowed by sanatan (eternal) religion on the pious land of India can be full filled. Shree Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth is politely attempting to abolish the blame of cows slaughter from the pious land of India by presenting the significance and utility of descendants of the world reverend Kamdhaenu and Kapila with proof: Altimately “ Kamdhenu Kalyan Family” cordially request the religious people of India to give their complete contribution with body, conscience and wealth in this creative and constructive cow service great campaign started by Shree Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth and earh the great religious merit of cow service certainly.

Multipurpose cow service resolution (Prakalp) established by shree Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth

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